Jakajima organizes The Unmanned Systems Expo 2015 in The Hague

On 4 – 6 February 2015, The Hague will host the first edition of the European trade fair The Unmanned Systems Expo at the city’s World Forum. TUSExpo is aimed at the fast-growing market for unmanned systems such as drones and will feature both commercial and civil applications in areas including security, agriculture, industry, science, entertainment and environmental protection. TUSExpo is organized by Jakajima – organiser of many UAS Events in Europe. Continue reading “Jakajima organizes The Unmanned Systems Expo 2015 in The Hague”

Will the human body be 3D printed soon?!

Which effects does tissue engineering cause? Which markets are influenced by the growing 3D printing technologies? How much will the production of 3D bioprinted tissues and organs cost? And how quickly can those customized products be produced, once the need has been identified? Since 3D Bioprinting is in its first stage of development, many questions arise and are not even answered yet. Continue reading “Will the human body be 3D printed soon?!”