Will LED replace laser or electron beam in 3D Metal Printing!? – Jakajima Interview with Franz Haas, Graz University of Technology (VIDEO)

franz haas

Franz Haas is head of the Institute of Production Engineering at Graz University of Technology and he has developed this technology for 3D metal printing and has applied for a patent.

His team has developed a new technology for 3D metal printing and has now applied for a patent. This new technology uses LED instead of laser sources for the additive manufacturing of metal parts and optimizes 3D metal printing in terms of construction time, metal powder consumption, equipment costs and post-processing effort. Selective LED-based melting (SLEDM) – i.e. the targeted melting of metal powder using high-power LED light sources – is the name of the new technology.

The technology is similar to selective laser melting (SLM) and electron beam melting (EBM), in which metal powder is melted by means of a laser or electron beam and built up into a component layer by layer. However, SLEDM solves two central problems of these powder bed-based manufacturing processes: the time-consuming production of large-volume metal components and the time-consuming manual post-processing.

He also presents his SAT-3D project, focused on children to learn what 3D printing in a safe way is.

In his sparetime he practices yoga, dances with his wife and likes Stevie Wonder and even modern popmusic.

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