Vertical Farming and the real Return on Investment – Jakajima interview with Maarten VandeCruys, Urban Crop Solutions (VIDEO)

Maarten VandeCruys

Maarten VandeCruys is Founder / CTO of Urban Crop solutions.

Vertical / Indoor farming has been around for a while now and organisations of different sizes have implemented this technology as part of their supply chain.

  • But which size of farm actually makes most financial sense?
  • What level of automation should be chosen?
  • Where do robotics come in?

Maarten shares a glimpse of his vision and experience.

Maarten Vandecruys will speak at Vertical Farming Conference about the True ROI of Indoor Farming. For a complete overview of the speakers and program, we invite you to visit

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About Maarten Vandecruys

Maarten co-founded Urban Crop Solutions and leads the R&D department. The company delivers indoor vertical farming solutions across the world: hardware, software and crop growth recipes.

About Urban Crop Solutions

Urban Crop, a total solutions provider in the indoor vertical farming industry. Offering science-based and tailor-made technology for crop cultivation.