The future of precision agriculture by collecting crop spectral signature using a drone – Jakajima interview with Hamed Mehdipoor, Spectro-AG BV (VIDEO)

Hamed Mehdipoor

Hamed Mehdipoor is the CEO of Spectro-AG BV. Hamed shares a glimpse of his vision and experience.

HyperSlit is a compact hyperspectral sensor for small drone (DJI Mavic) in the ultraviolet to near-infrared (UV/VIS/NIR) range (190–810 nm). This ultralight system weighs a ready-to-fly 340 gr. The spectral resolution of collected data by HyperSlit is 0.5 nm which allows collecting high-resolution (1024 spectral bands) crop spectral resolution.

HyperSlit has an internal real-time kinematics global positioning system (RTK GPS) and inertial measurement units (IMU) sensors to record geographical and orientational parameters of the UAV per crop spectral signature. These parameters are used to qualify and map the collected data by HyperSlit at the centimeter scale on the ground.

HyperSlit has a web application for monitoring, configuration, acquisition, correction, and management of data, which is available over the wireless network.

HyperSlit is used by grass farmers to collect spectral signatures to estimate grassland traits such as crude protein and fiber content.

Hamed will speak at Smart Farming Conference.

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