The future of medical delivery with drones, from small to large

sara de la rosa

A JakajimaTV interview with Sara de la Rosa, associate, Outsight International, hosted by Pieter Hermans.

This interview is about the development of the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft industry for humanitarian aid.

Sara de la Rosa is a technology advocate who has been working in the drone domain since early 2012. Her focus is situational awareness applied to public health, maritime operations, humanitarian aid, and international development. Her areas of expertise include policy strategy, business development, partnerships management and government relations. She holds an MSc in Satellite Remote Sensing and a PhD in Polar Geophysics.

In this interview She explains why Salvador Dali is her favourite artist and that she is attracted to beekeeping, also because of some similarities with drones (swarms).

Previously she worked with UNICEF. UNICEF wishes to collaborate with the UAS Industry, to shape new market opportunities and provide global leadership in the emerging field of drones for humanitarian and development purposes.

Through its Innovation Fund, UNICEF is investing in UAS pilot programs for imagery, transportation and connectivity, while establishing dedicated flight corridors and testing opportunities in different regions including Malawi and the Pacific Islands. These provide opportunities to forge new partnerships across international industries, local start-ups and academic institutions to shape the use of UAS for rapid response applications.

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