Plant nutrients and food quality in Vertical Farming

food quality

by Kristian Holst Laursen, University of Copenhagen.

He is head of The research group in Plant Nutrients and Food Quality, which bridges plant and food science using advanced analytical chemistry.

Food quality is a complex trait covering a wide array of characteristics including nutrient content and bioavailability, protein level, amino acid composition and the presence of potentially toxic compounds such as heavy metals. We develop analytical methods that enable us to investigate key factors controlling the quality of plant based food and feed. Our goal is to provide new knowledge and recommendations regarding sustainable and resource efficient plant production that simultaneously delivers safe, authentic and nutritious food.

About Kristian Holst Laursen
My scientific focus areas are plant nutrients, food quality, analytical chemistry and chemometrics. I have developed analytical methods for multi-elemental and isotopic characterization of plants using state-of-the-art ICP-OES, ICP-MS, MC-ICP-MS and IRMS. These methods have proven valuable for authenticating the geographical and agricultural origin of plant products. In parallel, I have been involved in several research projects aimed at unravelling the functional roles of essential nutrients in plant metabolism.

Kristian shares his love for drums. He still plays drums for fun (but has been a musician for some years before he started at university).

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