From 4D-Printing to Contextual 4D-Design – Hiroya Tanaka, Keio University SFC, Japan (VIDEO)

Keio University

This presentation is given by Professor Hiroya Tanaka, Keio University SFC, Japan and two of his students Mizuki Mori and Keisuke Saito during the 4D Printing & Meta Materials Conference, 26-05-2020.

It is about the 4D Printing Framework based on Functional Materials, Geometric Structure, Environmental Stimuli which leads to Organic Movement applications in Healthcare, Fashion, Automotive, Architecture and Built Infrastructure.

The presentation focuses on User Centered Design Thinking with emphasis on the 4D Printing Shoes Project as situation adaptive Products.

Three examples are given: Pop-up shoes, Foldable Shoes and Shape memory shoelace.

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