Cook.3D, new concept for 3D Food Printing – Jakajima interview with Gaia Di Martino, University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West (VIDEO)

Gaia di Martino

Gaia Di Martino shares a glimpse of her vision and experience.

Nowadays more and more people are intrigued by 3D food printing; but most of the 3D printers for food require a certain practical experience to be used at their best. On top of that, often these machines are hard and time consuming to be cleaned. This is how the idea of a new 3D printer was born: a machine that combines the perks of a greater automation of a control system and the cleanliness of a new concept for the printing head. A cleaner and more hygienic 3D printer for food that can be used by anyone, no matter the level of expertise.

About Gaia di Martino

Gaia Di Martino graduated in Politecnico di Torino with a master degree in Chemical and Sustainable Processes Engineering, specialization in food processing. She is working as Scientific Assistant in Hochschule Ruhr West since February 2019 for the project Cook.3D.

About Hochschule Ruhr West

The Hochschule Ruhr West is a University of Applied Science founded in 2009, consisting of two campus: in Mülheim an der Ruhr and in Bottrop. HRW reasearch are mainly focused on embedded systems and automation as well as energy systems and economics. The campus in Bottrop houses the FabLab, where various projects are developed, including food 3D printing, robots and devices for people with special needs.

Gaia di Martino will speak about Cook.3D at 3D Food Printing Conference. For a complete overview of the program and registration, go to

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