Basil, exploring genetics for Vertical Farming (VIDEO)

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Another JakajimaTV talk with Jasper den Besten, HAS University of Applied Sciences about The importance of the variety choice for vertical farming.

Choosing the correct variety is often underexposed in vertical farming. However, the differences between varieties are huge.

The differences between basil varieties can be a factor two or more. Results of variety tests are limited accessible. Our basil varieties trial in Brightbox showed the importance of doing variety tests.

Jasper den Besten will be speaking at the Vertical Farming Conference, see the program.

About HAS University of Applied Sciences

HAS University of Applied Sciences is the educational and expertise Centre in the South of the Netherlands.

HAS University of Applied Sciences is the best educational and expertise Centre in the Southern Netherlands for the agrifood and environment sectors, with 2 sites: Den Bosch and Venlo.

We are currently ranked the 2nd best medium-sized University of Applied Sciences (according to in the Netherlands. We currently have over 450 employees, 3,000 students and 300 participants on professional courses.  The dynamic triangle of students, lecturers and business forms the core of our activities.

Expertise & Research Centres (ERC) are knowledge groups within institutes of higher education that establish connections between education, professional practice and applied research in areas of social relevance. In most cases, an ERC consists of a ‘knowledge circle’: a group of lecturers and lecturer/researchers led by a Professor.

ERCs have several common goals:

  • Strengthening external orientation
  • Educational reform
  • Professionalisation of lecturers
  • Strengthening knowledge development and knowledge dissemination

3 thoughts on “Basil, exploring genetics for Vertical Farming (VIDEO)

  1. Ofer Ben-Mazia

    I wonder if phenotyping can be integrated into your research procedures, In light of the fact that you are looking for varieties to suit your growing needs.
    I invite you to visit our website:
    In September 2020 our system will be set at NPEC greenhouse (Wageningen University) as part of this phenotyping research facility.
    It will be appreciated to get a response from you.
    best regards, Ofer Ben-Mazia Customer Relations Manager at Plant-Ditech Ltd.

    • Jasper den Besten

      I’ve checked your website and sent you a reaction via your contact page.
      Interesting to know that your system will be in Wageningen in autumn.
      Jasper den Besten

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