Alternative 3D Food Printing technology for the mass production of Meat (and more) – Jakajima interview with Dan Rubinsky, RS3Dprints (VIDEO)

Dan Rubinsky

By Dan Rubinsky, Founder, RS3Dprints

Through the university of California Berkeley biomechanical engineering program we have developed a new 3D food printer for the mass production of alternative steaks.

We focused on creating a cryolithographic 3D printer with high volume continues printing capabilities which will allow us to mass produce steak.

This process of lithographic printing means that unlike conventional 3D printers that work on an x,y, and z axis we print multiple 2D layers of meat and then use a robotic arm to stack the layers into a 3D steak. The freezing aspect of it not only creates a bond between the pieces but also preserves the meat without causing post production ice damage.

Dan Rubinsky explains in this video how the alternative 3D printing technology works.

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