3D printing prescription lenses for eyewear and smart glasses!


An interview with Guido Groet, Chief Strategy Officer at Luxexcel, hosted by Pieter Hermans for JakajimaTV. Luxexcel is the pioneer of 3D printed prescription lenses world-wide. Founded in 2009, when the world thought this was impossible.

Today, Luxexcel partners with high-tech and ophthalmic leaders.

3D Printing a lense means that you have the flexibility to integrate other technologies into the lens in order to create smart glasses. Guido explains!

About Guido Groet
Guido Groet is the Strategy Officer of Luxexcel and in charge of all the commercial activities at Luxexcel. He has been of the Luxexcel team since 2014. He is a technology industry veteran with extensive experience in semiconductors, high-tech equipment and optics. He has held a number of senior positions at technology giant ASML, including VP strategy development for the USA operations and director of the strategic partnership with optics leader Carl Zeiss in Germany.

About Luxexcel
Today, Luxexcel partners with high-tech and ophthalmic leaders.

Luxexcel enables partners to 3D print prescription lenses in volume, create better lenses and integrate smart technology in lenses.
Luxexcel owns the key patents to enable 3D printing of lenses, as well as many others. The Luxexcel VisionPlatform™ includes a 3D printer, software, printing processes, and proprietary lens printing material which combined create high-quality lenses.

Partners not only benefit from Luxexcel’s proprietary technology, but also utilize its wealth of experience in 3D printing, optics, and material knowledge, to 3D print regular and complex lenses, lenses with active features, and smart glasses.

Luxexcel is headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands with R&D and operations located in Turnhout, Belgium. Sales and service teams also operate from its office in Alpharetta GA, USA.

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