Peak Insights from Speakers’ Presentations at Experience Design Event

On November 11-13, 2015, the Experience Design Event will take place at Designhuis in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The event includes a Seminar (November 11) and a hackathon (November 13).

Insights from speakers’ presentations at the Seminar:

  • Grayson Byrd , Senior Designer, Dolby Labs, USA about “Creating Meaningful Brand Experiences”: “How can Dolby’s new headquarters inspire and drive the next 50 years of innovation? Grayson will speak on the importance of telling meaningful stories and the value designers bring today in crafting compelling experiences within a large organization.”
  • Laura Aalto, Commercial Director, International Design Foundation/Design Driven City about “Design Driven City Helsinki”: “Cities are meant to be used, not looked at. (…) Cities are increasingly complex units, and they need diverse expertise to solve their challenges. Design methods imply permission to do things differently and find even radical ways to operate and build their future.
  • Marco van Hout, Program and Design Research Lead, Design and Emotion about “Design Across Cultures – Connecting Ideas, Methods, Insights and Cities Globally”: “Current and future cities are facing similar challenges locally. However, it is not possible to innovate on a global level without ‘measuring’, sharing and building on each other’s work. When it comes to (designed) solutions, this is happening too little.”
  • Jan van der Spoel, Creative Director, Persona Academy, about “Understanding (irrational) customer behavior”: “People don’t say what they think and don’t do what they say”; “Human behaviour is the start of customer experience design. Understanding behaviour, in turn, starts with looking at how the brain processes information.”
  • Léon Wennekes, Owner, Wennekes’ office for imagination about “Virtual Reality Experiences for (p)leasure and education”: “Making the invisible visible: will Virtual Reality finally make a breakthrough?”

Find more about the event’s full program and registration.

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