Beautiful, Bike Path inspired by Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ Opens (VIDEO)


in Nuenen / Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Daan Roosegaarde teamed up with Heijmans Infrastructure to create the 1-kilometer-long Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path. It lies on the border of Nuenen (where Vincent van Gogh lived for 2 years) and Eindhoven.

An innovative idea, which fits in the activities of Jakajima, based in Nuenen, The Netherlands

Welcome to Van Gogh Village Nuenen

You can’t get closer to Van Gogh…

Walk in the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh. You can actually do that in Nuenen! What makes it so special is that you can see and experience the stories about Van Gogh, his letters and his paintings from the very same spot.

In the Vincentre museum we can listen to stories about him and read his letters about Nuenen while he lived and worked here from 1883 to 1885. We get to know him as a person and we see how he developed to become a world-famous artist. We then go outside, where no fewer than 23 locations remind us of Van Gogh; 14 of which he painted or sketched. Other objects are statues or buildings with a special significance. Although there are no original paintings, our inner thoughts say it all: you can’t get closer to Van Gogh.

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