November 2024

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Please find the programme overview of the 2023 Agrifood Innovation Event conference.

09:0009:30Registration and Welcome
Parallel Session: Vertical Farming
Room 0.08 V
Parallel Session: Smart Farming
Room 0.06 S
Parallel Session: 3D Food Printing
Room 0.05 F
Mark Horler, Marketing & Communication, FarmTech Society
Pieter Hermans, CEO, Jakajima
Richard Bijlard, Founder, Techno-broker
Dynamic control of growth conditions in vertical farms
Leo Marcelis, Professor Horticulture and Product Physiology, Wageningen University & Research

Boosting young plants for a better start
Stefan van de Voort, Plant Specialist indoor Farming, Philips Horticulture LED Solutions
Why are data standardization and open platforms essential to scale and optimize the agriculture industry?
Rick Schneiders, Head of Center of Competence for CEA, Siemens

Robots in Agriculture. Promising to reduce our chemical dependencies, but not an easy challenge
Tim Kreukniet, Co-founder / CEO, Trabotyx
3D printing as a tool to innovate texture for better cooking and eating experiences
Margarita Kuzina, Food Scientist, NOVAMEAT

A new approach of a starch-based 3D printing ink
Alain Le-Bail, head of “Processes applied to Bio Resources”, GEPEA / ONIRIS
10:3011:00Coffee Break, networking and visit exhibit
Parallel Session: Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)
powered by Farmtech Society
Room 0.06 S/V
Parallel Session: 3D Food Printing
Room 0.05 F
Mark Horler, Marketing & Communication, FarmTech Society
Richard Bijlard, Founder, Techno-broker
What does it take for Smart CEA to be successful?
André van Wageningen, Head of Public Affairs and Sustainability, Grodan

What can we learn from millions of years of evolution
André Valstar, Accountmanager, Festo

Next Generation Food Factories: Ensuring your plants THRIVE
Duo presentation: Aadesh Shah, Strategic Innovation Engineer / Suzane Pols,
Team Lead - Plant Research, Viscon Group
3D Food Printing from Nutritional Advice to Personalized Product
Dolf Klomp, Senior Scientist 3D Food Printing, TNO

Understanding protein-polysaccharide interaction for the design of food inks
Esther Addo, PhD student, University of Hohenheim

Industrial scale 3D food printing: the 'why' and the challenges
Peter Nieuwkerk, Founder, Gastronology / Group MD, Budelpack Group
12:3013:30Lunch, networking, taste and try 3D Food Printed products and visit exhibit
Parallel Session: How can the Agrifood industry apply photonics
powered by PhotonHub Europe
Room 0.06 S/V
Parallel Session: Food Innovation
Room 0.05 F
Introduction PhotonHub session + introduction on Photonics for Agrifood
Lien Smeesters, postdoctoral researcher, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), B-PHOT Brussels Photonics
Pieter Hermans, CEO, Jakajima
Portable sensor system for control of agrifood processes and products
Amadeu Griol, Group leader Photonic technologies for Applied Diagnostics, Nanophotonics Technology Center -Universitat Politècnica de València-

How light chips can transform the agrifood industry
Mattias Verstuyft, Post-doctoral researcher, Imec

Improving the understanding for the quality of silage using optochemical sensors
Martin Tscherner, Researcher, JOANNEUM RESEARCH

New portable fluorescence spectrometer coupled with machine learning capabilities for agrifood
Ludovic Guilbert, Business Development Director, GoyaLab
Unleashing the Power of Open Innovation in the Food Sector: Insights from EIT Food
Peter Groothuis, Innovation Programme Manager, European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Food

Cell-based technologies on the farm
Ralf Becks, Co-Founder, RESPECTfarms

Utilizing the space environment to advance research and development in the agrifood sector
Leonardo Surdo, Project Manager and Business Strategist, Space Applications Services
15:0015:30Break, networking, taste and try 3D Food Printed products and visit exhibit
Parallel Session: Vertical Farming
room 0.08 V
Parallel Session: The importance of data in farming!
Room 0.06 S
Parallel Session: Protein Transition
Powered by CEA Proteins
Room 0.05 F
Pieter Hermans, CEO, Jakajima
Richard Bijlard, Founder, Techno-broker
Mark Horler, Founder, CEA-Proteins
FieldLab Vertical Farming – in the search for standardization of cultivation approaches
Laura Bautista, Project manager, Delphy

The crossover between Smart and Vertical Farming for the cultivation of tomatoes
Jarno Mooren, Plant specialist, Philips Horticulture LED Solutions

Round table discussion
With speakers from the Vertical Farming Sessions
Precision Agriculture: Optimizing Fields of Data for Better Returns
Maria Palombini, Global Practice Leader, Healthcare & Life Sciences,
IEEE Standards Association

"Assessing the impact of agricultural digital technology solutions: EU project QUANTIFARM"
Vanja Biševac, Research Manager, CEMA (European Agricultural Machinery Industry)

Robots for sustainable agriculture!
Marius Monen, Program manager Robotization for Sustainable Agriculture, Avans / Eindhoven University of Technology
Food without a foodprint: how microbial protein fermentation can dramatically outperform animal agriculture
Pepijn Vloemans, Head of Communications Farmless

Molecular Farming of Animal Proteins
Henk Hoogenkamp, Co-Founder / CPO, Moolec Science

Victor Preat, Co-founder, Wastech
17:0019:00Drinks, networking, and visit exhibit
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