28 November 2023, 11th edition
Veldhoven, The Netherlands

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Please find the overview of the 2023 3D Medical Conference programme.

Registration and Welcome
09:3010:30Session 1: 3D Pharma PrintingSession 1: 3D BioprintingSession 1: 3D Medtech Printing
Patrick van Oirschot, Founder / CEO, GPP Support

What is the future of FDM 3D printing in community or hospital pharmacies for the production of oral solid dosage forms?
Anna Lechanteur, Associate Professor, Université de Liège

Adrin Dadkhah, Clinical Pharmacist, Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf
Bioprinting low viscosity and photopolymerizable human blood derivatives and stem cells
Monize Caiado Decarli, Postdoctoral researcher, MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine – Maastricht University

Vascularization of in-vitro pancreatic models
Oksana Dudaryeva, Postdoctoral Researcher, UMC Utrecht
Biomimetic ceramic biomaterials in 3D printing and bioprinting: functionalization of bone substitutes and models
Gabriela Graziani, Secretary General, EORS European Orthopaedic Research Society / Assistant Professor, Politecnico di Milano

Electrowriting Printing to Achieve the Next Generation of Functional Biomaterials
Miguel Castilho, Assistant Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology
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11:0012:30Session 2: 3D Pharma PrintingSession 2: 3D BioprintingSession 2: 3D Medtech Printing
Iris Lafeber, PhD Student, Leiden University Medical Center

Legal framework and legal issues when 3D printing medicinal products
An Vijverman, Lawyer / Partner, Dewallens & partners (health law)

Jayeeta Sengupta, Program Manager / Senior Consultant, TNO
Challenges, future prospective and solutions for the emerging field of 3D Bioprinting
Tim Smolnik, Project Manager Healthcare Solutions, Evonik Industries AG

Veerle Bloemen, Assoc. professor, Faculty of Engineering Technology - KU Leuven

Controlling multicellular organization by sound
Tiziano Serra, Group Leader, AO Research Institute Davos

INKplant project- Hybrid multi-material fabrication of implants
Elena Guillen, Research Associate, PROFACTOR GmbH

Prosperos-II project toward smart implants for bone healing
Chris Arts, Associate Professor Translational biomaterials research, Maastricht University Medical Centre

Extrusion additive manufacturing of biodegradable porous iron-based scaffolds for bone repair
Niko Putra, Postdoctoral researcher, Delft University of Technology
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13:3015:00Session 3: 3D Pharma PrintingSession 3: 3D BioprintingSession: 3D Medtech Printing / Beyond 3D Printing
Round table discussion with topics:
Round 1: Experts from the field (Researchers / Pharmacists)
Round 2: Experts from the Industry

Opening new perspectives with 3D Bioprinting
Mauro Petretta, Senior Scientific Advisor, regenHU Ltd.

Revolutionizing Oral Healthcare: Bioprinting Advances in Dentoalveolar Complex Regeneration
Una Ivkovic, PhD Researcher, School of Biomedical Sciences – KU Leuven

AI and Machine Learning enabling quality controlled bioprinting
Amedeo Bonatti, PhD Student, University of Pisa
Towards the development and control of a soft total artificial heart
Bas Overvelde, Associate Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology / tenure-track Group Leader, AMOLF

Beyond Bioprinting
John Zandbergen, Founder & CEO, Ourobionics
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15:3016:30Session 4: 3D Pharma PrintingSession: BioelectronicsSession: 3D Medtech3D Printing / Dental Printing
Julian Quodbach, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics, Utrecht University

3D-printing of medicines in the hospital – Experiences from our first evaluation
Mattias Paulsson, Deputy chief pharmacist, Uppsala University Hospital / Associate Professor, Uppsala University
Toward environmentally conscious printed electronics
Mohammad Behfar, Wearable technology specialist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Beyond mobile phone displays: Leveraging flat panel display technology for biomedical applications (Organ on a Chip)
Albert van Breemen, Program manager, Holst Centre
Pushing the boundaries of 3D printing: creating personalized, multi-material dental products
Rachelle Groot, Metrology Engineer / Ineke Wijnheijmer, Senior Print Process Developer, Lake3D

Quality and 3D Printing
Erik Boelen, Expert in Medical 3D Printing and ISO 13485 Quality Management, Qase3d
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