AgriFood Innovation Event welcomes Verstegen as Gold Partner

Agri-Food Innovation Event welcomes Verstegen as Bronze Partner.

About Verstegen 
Verstegen Spices & Sauces since 1886 is a family-owned business;today, the fourth generation is leading the way. Verstegen Spices & Sauces stands for creative and surprising innovations in the food sector. For sustainability, quality and limitless service. Our customers play a key role in everything we do: they come first. Verstegen high-quality standards start at origin, where the finest ingredients are found. Using the very best quality is the only way to create the most amazing flavours, the most delicious products and the most remarkable concepts.

This is the way in which we work on our mission every day:Verstegen wants to make everyone enjoy responsible and healthy – but above all, tasty – foods. All around the world.

The AgriFood Innovation Event takes place on June 26-27, 2019, at the Brightlands Campus , Venlo, The Netherlands. More information about the other exhibitors and the program:

Manfred Lukkezen of Verstegen tells FoodIngredientsFirst at Horecava. “So we developed together with them some pastes you can build your dish with. For now we started with one cartridge with beetroot and spices and the structure is made in a way that you can build up anything you want in a 3D way. We also developed a curry and hollandaise sauce, but those are only to trigger potential customers to develop new ideas with us.”

Verstegen has an approximate €130mn turnover, 75 percent of which is in the Benelux region. The rest is international, albeit predominantly EU. While Lukkezen admits that it is early days for this technology, using it helps to boost the innovative image of the company, but he also believes that 3D food printing will have a role to play in the future of foodservice. “Verstegen wants to be innovative and using 3D printing helps us to promote our innovative image, but also we think there is a future in it. There are less skilled people working in the foodservice space and we think that this is the only the beginning of making dishes for foodservice or healthcare to making dishes customer based, where we deliver the different cartridges to combine different tastes together into a dish. And it is a little bit early now, but we believe that innovation will be there and we want to be there from the beginning, because everything has to have a good taste to food.” 

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