Press release: There are various technologies to create Hydrogen CO2 neutral, we can’t rely on just electrolysis

Hydrogen CO2

Hydrogen CO2 Why the Chemical Industry Can Become the Key to Clean Hydrogen Production – Find out at the ONLINE Clean Hydrogen Conference, 18 May

Eindhoven/Sittard Geleen – Sustainable energy generation by means of wind or from solar radiation continues to increase its share in energy mix, but a promising option is the synthesis of hydrogen via the chemical industry – for instance, one of the paths is carbon circularity.

The Online Clean Hydrogen Conference on May 18 offers this unique perspective on clean hydrogen production. During the live presentations new technologies will be introduced and the speakers will share their experience on how the existing ones are implemented.

In the first part of the conference, Arnold Stokking, Managing Director of Brightsite will talk about the feedstock transition towards CO2 neutral operations, while Joris van Willigenburg from Sitech Services will present a new analysis method for costs of eleven hydrogen production technologies.

Later on, Prof. Dr. Ir. Gerard van Rooij from Maastricht University and Hans Linden from TNO will introduce new examples of routes to carbon circularity.

Furthermore, Pete Johnson from Monolith Materials will speak about methane pyrolysis for hydrogen, what is known as “Turqoise Hydrogen”, a growing field where more and more commercial companies are being launched.

The complete program includes live presentations from researchers, executives and industry specialists from Brightsite, Sitech Services, TNO, Maastricht University, Monolith Materials, Graforce and Torrgas. The conference will end with a round-table discussion moderated by Mark van Doorn from Brightlands Chemelot Campus.

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