Upcoming conferences of Jakajima

Jakajima, the matchmaker for innovators in the high tech industry, ranging from 3D printing to Internet of Things, from Drones to Health Tech, invites you to take a look at our upcoming conferences:

  • Sports Innovation Conference – March 08, 2016, at Thomas More in Turnhout, Belgium. The event includes two workshops, focused on StartUps in Sport, powered by Sport eXperience.org and parallel sessions featuring international leading specialists from Microsoft, The Danish Institute for Sports Studies, European Platform for Sports Innovation / EPSI, BonkaCircus, SICS Swedish ICT, Mobilab, SAP, JOHAN, SensoRUN, Videobserver, Phits Insoles, AAA-LUX Lighting, who will share their knowledge and views on the topics of interest.
  • 3D Food Printing Conference – April 12, 2016, at Villa Flora in Venlo, The Netherlands.The conference will cover a variety of topics related to 3D food printing such as food components, business models & legal issues, hardware & software developments, applications for elderly and the health care industry, new value chains, safety – f.i. HACCP, food processing & design and custom nutrition. International leading speakers from institutions and companies such as Sardegna Ricerche, Black Dog Consulting, byFlow, 3dchef, Wageningen University and Print Cheese have already confirmed their presence at the conference.
  • Footwear HealthTech Conference – April 19, 2016, at SLEM Waalwijk, The Netherlands. Renowned scientists and engineers will be talking about and demonstrating state of the art technologies in footwear that will profoundly improve fit, performance, health and safety. This years conference will be focusing on wearable technology and its implementations in footwear. Experts will touch on new ways of monitoring and improving health, motion sensors, smart insoles, and interactive footwear to name but a few subjects. It will be an inspiring day of innovation for footwear professionals, orthopedic shoemakers, podiatrists, health insurance companies and investors. The following speakers have already confirmed their presence: Dr. Mariani, CEO Gait UP, Joep Maussen – Head of Innovation – Sports & Outdoor Shoes, Fashion Accessories, Mighty Styley, Dr. Wallen Mphepö – Display Technology research scientist for iShüu Technologies inventors of the Volvorii Timeless smart shoe.
  • Future Footwear Materials Conference, April 20, 2016, at SLEM Waalwijk, The Netherlands. Internationally renowned speakers will show and talk about how to find sustainable resources, the circular economy, bioprinting, smart textiles, new ways of treating and making leather and much more. The confirmed speakers include Professor Shahin Rahimifard, Sustainable Engineering, Loughborough University, Sanne van den Dungen – Consultant Circular Economy for FBBasic and RTB, Kristel Peters, Shoe Designer, KASK, University College Ghent and Els Zijlstra, Founder and Creative Director at Materia.
  • Photonic Integration Symposium, April 25, 2016,at Eindhoven University of Technology, Blauwe Zaal, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.The symposium will cover recent developments in photonics integration. The speakers that have confirmed their presence at the event include Thomas Koch – Arizona State University, Sailing He – Zhejiang University, Mike Wale – Oclaro Technologies, Ton van Leeuwen – AMC, Katarzyna Lawniczuk – TU/e / JePPIX and Hugo ThienPont – VUB. Furthermore, in the last session an overview of the Integrated Photonics activities in the Netherlands and the Eindhoven region will be given and the foundation of an Integrated Photonics Institute by TU/e will be announced.
  • 3D Design & Engineering Conference, May 24, 2016, at Club-C in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The 3DDE Conference offers design and engineering professionals the chance to learn and meet the possibilities of 3D printing, and to look at design challenges from different perspectives.
  • Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference, May 26, 2016, at Twente Safety Campus in Enschede, The Netherlands. This year’s conference will bring specialists from all over the world together to assess the potential of Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (UCA) and address related questions and issues of interest. Professionals in logistics, aircraft manufacturers, regulators, system developers and airlines will be present at the conference, providing full of opportunities to network, share knowledge and create new partnerships. Many international speakers will present their views around all aspects of UCA.
  • Internet of Things Event, June 07-08, 2016, at High Tech Campus Eindhoven in The Netherlands. This 2-day event will give insights in the rapidly developing market, in new technologies and in how other businesses apply the new opportunities that are brought by IoT. The following topics will be covered during the conference: Market & developments overview | Big data applications for IoT | IoT security | IoT & Artificial Intelligence (AI + IoT = ?) | Design of IoT (Product/Service/Experience) | New business models & strategies, a paradigm shift | Legal issues and social aspects | Photonics brings new options for IoT.

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Save the date: June 07-08, 2016 – Internet of Things Event

On June 7-8, 2016, the 5th edition of the Internet of Things Event will take place at High Tech Campus Eindhoven in The Netherlands.

Big data, wearable technology, connected devices, cloud-based software: the Internet of Things industry is still rising in a high-speed tempo. Which markets are changed or influenced by the growing IoT? How to secure the cloud? And what developments can we expect in the near future?

The event gives insights in the rapidly developing market, in new technologies and in how other businesses apply the new opportunities that are brought by IoT.

The previous edition of the Internet of Things Event took place on June 2nd 2015, at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The conference was an overwhelming success, attracting 400+ international delegates, speakers and sponsors, and provided great intellectual and social interaction for the participants.

A photo impression of the full-day conference – including exhibition and seminar – can be found here.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to join this 2-day event! Enhance your experience, expand your network!

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