Update Coronavirus


Jakajima is closely following developments related to the Corona virus (COVID-19). We are in touch with specialised institutions, including the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), the Regional Health Service (GGD), the World Health Organisation and the related conference venue.

Any measures required will be taken in consultation with partners and following the guidelines issued by the RIVM and GGD. Our priority is always on safeguarding health and safety.

Unless otherwise advised and communicated by us, our conferences / events will take place as scheduled.
Our status with regard to the Corona virus remains unchanged. The precautions and advice mentioned below still apply.

We advise all involved – attendees, exhibitors, employees and suppliers – to follow the guidelines and precautions of the RIVM and GGD concerning hygiene regulations:

  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap or hand-disinfection gel;
  • Greet each other verbally or with a hand gesture (don’t shake hands);
  • Cough or sneeze in a paper tissue or the inside of your elbow;
  • Avoid close contact with people suffering from respiratory complaints;
  • Seek medical attention in case of respiratory complaints, sore throat, coughing and fever.

We encourage all attendees, exhibitors and suppliers to check the latest travel advice and entry guidelines for countries to which they wish to travel before making arrangements. These may vary from country to country.

The latest information and Q&A on the Corona virus in the Netherlands from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) can be found here.

Jakajima starts Sustainable Materials Series

3d foodprinting conference

The Sustainable Materials Series is meant to become a series of conferences / events / workshops / hackathons on plastics.

Plastics play an important role in our economy and daily lives but the way it is currently produced, used and discarded harms the environment. This fast growing volume of plastics has a strong impact on ecosystems, biodiversity and even human health if not handled responsibly.

More and more we realise that the valuable material produced could be brought back into the economy. The need to tackle the potential economic and environmental benefits of a more resource-efficient and circular approach is adamant.


The Sustainable Materials Series, being organised by Jakajima in close collaboration with strategic partner Brightlands Chemelot Campus, will cover specific themes concerning the circular approach.

The series will start with the following promising and ambitious topics:

About Jakajima
Jakajima, Matchmaker for Innovators in the high tech industry, organises many events, ranging from 3D Printing to Internet of Things, from Unmanned Cargo Aircraft to Health Tech, from 4D Printing to Photonics and from Vertical Farming to 3D Food Printing. As technology develops itself from atoms to bits and from bits to atoms, traditional boundaries between value chains disappear which lead to new business opportunities. The combination of business, technology, creativity, enthusiasm and humour is our leitmotif.

About Brightlands Chemelot Campus
Brightlands Chemelot Campus is a world-leading innovation location in smart materials and sustainable manufacturing and home to a vibrant and fast-growing open community of groundbreaking companies and knowledge institutes.
It offers state of the art R&D and manufacturing infrastructures, on-campus education and science-oriented business support, venture capital, and business development services.
With its location, ecosystem and easily available expertise and knowledge, Brightlands Chemelot Campus is a unique location for innovative start-ups and corporations, forward-thinking knowledge institutes, daring entrepreneurs, brilliant researchers, talented students and visionary investors.

Jakajima announces technology / business workshops to start with Internet of Things on May 23

technology / business

Jakajima, with a long history in technology / business conferences and an extensive global network, has developed several one day workshops in close collaboration with professional partners. Target group for these workshops is either the management team of SMEs or individual professionals working at SMEs.

The speed of technology change is so high that many SMEs (Small Medium Sized Enterprises) have difficulty to follow. These changes have huge impact on the products / services, business models, partnerships, organisational issues and more.

Continue reading “Jakajima announces technology / business workshops to start with Internet of Things on May 23”

Press Release: Two new 3D Printing conferences focused on Post Processing & Integration into Manufacturing

Jakajima, the international High Tech Conference organiser, has added two new 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing Conferences to its successful 3D Printing Conferences Series.

On December 4, 2018, Jakajima organises two new 3D Printing conferences at Brightlands Chemelot Campus, Sittard-Geleen, The Netherlands: 3D Printing Post Processing Conference and Additive Manufacturing Integrated Factory Conference.

While the 3D Printing industry has strongly focused on the first two steps of 3D Printing: Design and Build/3D Print, the third step, Post-processing, has been overlooked. Post-processing encompasses all of the actions that are performed after parts are removed from a 3D printer.

The 3D Printing Post Processing Conference will cover issues, solutions and future trends in post processing, a phase that has impact on the following parameters within and for an organisation: Time, Facilities, Cost, Quality, Staffing and Safety.

There are many manufacturers who would like to be able to offer more individualization of the products they manufacture. With the growth of AM, more and more organisations are starting to look at the possibilities to integrate this technology in their manufacturing processes.

The AM Integrated Factory Conference covers the developments going on in further integration of additive manufacturing in production processes, and how to act upon.

“All our international 3D Printing Conferences have a specific topic, and we noticed that there were no dedicated conferences on these two topics” says Pieter Hermans, Matchmaker for Innovators at Jakajima. “so we decided to add them to our successful 3D Printing Conference series”.

You can download the press release in PDF here.

Jakajima is the organiser of the following 3D Printing Conferences:

For more information about the two new conferences, we invite you to visit:

Arrangements for the media

Jakajima welcome enquiries from electronic media and the press. Accredited journalists can attend this conference and/or arrange interviews with the speakers. Press accreditation should be arranged in advance  of the conference. Accreditation is granted to active editorial staff and freelancers, subject to proof of an editorial job function, a freelance commission or a valid press card.

To register for media pass and/or more information about the conferences, please contact Esther Wendrich. She can be reached at e.wendrich [@] jakajima.eu or during European office hours on +31(0)40 2952135

Conference logo’s can be downloaded here:

Pieter Hermans is Ambassador of Muziek op de Dommel, revival of the classics

dommel revival of the classics

Muziek op de Dommel is a two-day classical music festival at the Eindhoven University of Technology location in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. This year Muziek op de Dommel will take place on 2 and 3 June and it will be a fantastic event again, with the undisputed highlight the Saturdayevening Concert ‘ revival of the classics ‘. A unique concert with piano virtuoso Jan Vayne, student orchestra Auletes and the well-known violinist/DJ Katya G who will add a whole new contemporary dimension to classical music. Continue reading “Pieter Hermans is Ambassador of Muziek op de Dommel, revival of the classics”

Pieter Hermans is ambassadeur van Muziek op de Dommel

dommel revival of the classics

Muziek op de Dommel is een tweedaags klassieke muziekfestival op het TU/e terrein in Eindhoven.
Dit jaar vindt Muziek op de Dommel plaats op 2 en 3 juni en het wordt weer een fantastisch evenement. Met als onbetwist hoogtepunt het zaterdagavondconcert ‘Revival of the classics’. Een uniek concert met pianovirtuoos Jan Vayne, studentenorkest Auletes en de bekende violiste/DJ Katya Gabeli die een geheel nieuwe eigentijdse dimensie aan klassieke muziek zullen toevoegen. Continue reading “Pieter Hermans is ambassadeur van Muziek op de Dommel”