Why are data standardization and open platforms essential to scale and optimize the agriculture industry?

Data is becoming extremely important if you want to optimize your farm. To increase production and reduce costs, you need to collect data from all the processes within the farm. This data transparency is often challenging because many sub-systems are stand-alone solutions. This means there is no interconnection between the devices. By standardization and creating an open platform, it is possible to have all the insights of your farm and even go beyond to make it fully autonomous!

4 December 2024

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Presented by Rick Schneiders, Head of Center of Competence for CEA at Siemens.

We live in a fascinating time where digitalization will impact current and existing business models. Rick is excited to be part of this digital disruption! He foresees that AI and open business platforms will disrupt many industries.

About Rick Schneiders
He is Innovation & Digital Business Team Leader for Controlled Environment Agriculture. His focus is on driving standardization and digitalization in agriculture. Through integrating advanced technologies and creating controlled environments, he aims to enhance yields, conserve resources, and ensure food security. By promoting standard practices, he’s advancing the industry as a whole. His dedication to digitalization is empowering data-driven decisions for intelligent farming. Join him in shaping a sustainable future for agriculture.

About Siemens Solutions for Controlled Environment Agriculture
Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is a technology-based farming method that combines sustainability and profitability. Our advanced control systems empower growers to optimize crop growth, conserve resources, and increase yields, all while harnessing the power of automation and data-driven insights.

Indoor farming needs to adapt to changing consumer demands like sustainability and product quality. To ensure sustainable food production, the industry is looking for innovative solutions, leading to a shift towards the sustainable industrialization of food production. Manufacturers, startups, and growers are actively seeking efficient and cost-effective methods for various operations, whether it’s container farming, indoor/vertical farming, insect farming, or aquaculture.

A number of advanced technologies are available. Currently, the greenhouse sector dominates the CEA landscape, while vertical farming is rapidly gaining traction, demonstrating the sector’s inherent potential for lucrative growth.

At Siemens, we support you with the right production and building automation technologies, digital solutions, open platform, and years of experience to build controlled environment solutions either in-house or with a growing network of specialized partners.

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Rick Schneiders will speak at the 2023 edition of the Agrifood Innovation Event.