Unleashing the Power of Open Innovation in the Food Sector: Insights from EIT Food

EIT Food is dedicated to championing the principles of Open Innovation in the food industry. Our initiatives are designed to cultivate impact-driven, interdisciplinary collaborations that bridge the key pillars of education, research, and business within the food sector. As we navigate the entire lifecycle of open innovation projects, from their inception through execution to follow-up, EIT Food uniquely positions itself to scrutinize the mechanics of Open Innovation across a diverse portfolio of themes and topics.

November 2024

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In this enlightening presentation, join us as we delve into the core principles of Open Innovation and explore effective strategies for seamlessly integrating them into your innovation endeavors. Our insights, gleaned from real-world experiences, will provide valuable guidance on how to harness the transformative potential of Open Innovation for the benefit of your organization and the broader food industry.

A presentation by Peter Groothuis, Innovation Manager at EIT Food.

Peter is has a deep passion for the valorization of novel technologies. With a background in industrial design, I’ve grown a deep appreciation for the critical role that context plays in the successful implementation of technology. I firmly believe that understanding the environment in which a technology operates is paramount, especially in a world flooded with complex challenges.

In this period of increasing complexity, it’s imperative to possess a comprehensive grasp of the context and engage with all stakeholders in the innovation process. Once an individual or organization becomes comfortable with uncertainty, open innovation offers a plethora of opportunities to bridge gaps, adapt to dynamic environments, and significantly enhance the prospects of successful implementation.

In my role as a portfolio manager at EIT Food, I am entrusted with the responsibility of forging these vital connections, scaling up successful initiatives, and monitoring their real-world impact. My drive lies in facilitating these connections, as I firmly believe that they hold the key to unlocking innovation’s full potential and driving positive change in the food sector and beyond.

He is very interested in the protein transition which is driven by breakthroughs in life sciences and biotechnology as well as a rapidly increasing shift in consumer acceptance (and preferences).

About Peter Groothuis
Engineering (open) innovation ecosystems and processes to deliver scalable and impactful innovations. I help organizations to picture their innovation into a wider context of business, strategy, organisation and partnerships, helping them to bring focus and/or find new opportunities. As innovation portfolio manager at EIT Food, I focus on building a portfolio of innovation projects (portfolio review, pipeline development, monitoring execution and follow up) that balances envisioned impact with financial returns and designing the underlying programmes and processes.

About EIT Food
EIT Food invest in projects, individuals and organisations that share our goals to deliver positive impact at speed and scale.
We connect stakeholders right across the food system to drive change through collective learning, problem solving and invention.
We focus on inclusive systems innovation, which enables all people and places to participate and benefit.
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Peter Groothuis is speaker at the 2023 edition of the Agrifood Innovation Event.