Next Generation Food Factories: Ensuring your plants THRIVE

Regardless of the cultivation system, one principle remains key: we need the plant to grow. Not only grow, but THRIVE. Let us take you through the five pillars we at Viscon believe support Innovation on making food factories for the future and ensuring access to healthy food for everyone.

November 2024

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A duo presentation by Suzane Pols, Team Lead – Plant Research and Aadesh Shah, Strategic Innovation Engineer, both at Viscon group.

Suzane has been driven by serving with science through effective and accessible communication. She is passionate about using science communication to empower growers and help them create a thriving cultivation system for their crop.

She is probably biased in her reply, but she strongly believes in the emerging techniques of plant biotechnology and tissue culture. Plant Biotechnology has seen an intense emergence into the agricultural industry, illustrated by the many startups you can find focusing on developing plants as bioreactors or employing plant tissue culture to help us create the crops of tomorrow.

About Suzane Pols
She is a South African agricultural researcher with a passion for helping growers thrive. After completing her master’s degree in plant biotechnology at the University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town, she worked with growers from the global south to help them improve their postharvest handling of the crops. She then relocated to Belgium, where she worked as a research associate at the department for Bioscience Engineering, but she missed having the daily contact with growers, and practically being involved in helping them develop new techniques. So she decided to make a shift back to industry. She now works as a team lead for plant research at Viscon, where her team focuses on developing new turn-key solutions for CEA.

About Viscon Group
We are Viscon Group. Passionate about Agro and Food processes and the limitless possibilities technology has to offer. Our software, machinery and solutions enable the world to produce, distribute and enjoy healthy fresh food, flowers and plants.

The Viscon Group has been specializing in product & material handling for over 45 years. Our main drive is to create competitive advantages and continuity for our clients by engineering efficient, reliable, cost effective and creative production processes that can grow and change with their organization.

Let’s make your business thrive!

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Suzane Pols will speak at the 2023 edition of the Agrifood Innovation Event.