3D Food Printing, Healthy Nutrition, Smart & Vertical Farming – Conferences, Expo, Masterclass, demo corners, lab tours & more, at Agri-Food Innovation Event 2018

Agri-Food Innovation Event

3D Food Printing, Healthy Nutrition, Smart & Vertical Farming – Conferences, Expo, demo corners, lab tours & more, June 27- June 29, during Agri-Food Innovation Event 2018 in Venlo.

June 27:

June 28:

June 29:

3D Food Printing Experience at Wageningen University & Research


Full program of the event and list of exhibitors:

Day 1, 27 June 2018

healthy nutrition conference program vertical farming conference program
08:30 09:25

Welcome and Registration

09:25 09:30 pieter hermans program Opening by Pieter Hermans, Matchmaker for Innovators, Jakajima, Moderator jakajima program
09:30 10:00 aalt bast program Professor Aalt Bast, Professor Toxicology Maastricht University and Dean of the Campus Venlo, on “The cook as pharmacologist of the future”, More information
10:00 10:30 Celine Nicole Celine Nicole, Senior Plant Research scientist, Philips Lighting, The Netherlands, on “Light recipes enable sky high vitamins and a longer shelf life in leafy greens”, More information; Read the interview Philips Lighting
10:30 11:00

Coffee Break and visit Expo

Healthy Nutrition Session #1 Vertical Farming Session #1
11:00 11:30 freddy troost program Freddy Troost, Associate professor,  Food Innovation and Health, Maastricht University, The Netherlands, on “Targeted release of nutrients and tastants to tackle obesity”, More information lambert van horen program Lambert van Horen, Analyst Horticulture, RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness, The Nehterlands
11:30 12:00 stefanie br"ring program Stefanie Bröring, Professor, Rheinisch Westfälische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany, on “Food or drugs? What drives consumers’ perception of borderline products?” More information Daniel Podmirseg Daniel Podmirseg, Head & Founder, Vertical Farm Institute, Austria, on “Ten ideas to rescue the world [so far]”, More information
12:00 12:30 alie de boer program Alie de Boer, Assistant Professor in nutritional sciences and food law, Maastricht University Campus Venlo, The Netherlands, on “Health benefits of foods: how can you communicate it?”, More information Mark Korzilius program Mark Korzilius, founder, Farmers Cut GmbH, Germany, on “Dryponics – Energy efficient consumer focused approach to grow indoors”, More information
12:30 14:00

Lunch Break and visit Expo

Brightbox tour (vertical farm expertise centre) – limited no. of tickets

Healthy Nutrition Session #2 Vertical Farming Session #2
14:00 15:30  Remco Havermans Remco Havermans, Assistant Professor, Maastricht University, The Netherlands, on “The product, the consumer, and the behavioural scientist”, More information Felipe Hernandez Felipe Hernandez, CEO & Founder, Hexagro Urban Farming, Italy, on “Creating an Urban Farming Network inspired by Nature”, More information
gertrude zeinstra Gertrude Zeinstra, Scientist, Consumer Science, Wageningen Food and Biobased Research, The Netherlands Henry Gordon-Smith Henry Gordon-Smith, Managing Director, Agritecture Consulting, USA, on “Smart Agriculture for Smart Cities: How data and scenario analysis could take vertical farming mainstream”, More information; Read the interview
 Rick Schifferstein Rick Schifferstein, Associate Professor, Delft University of Technology, on “Cooperating with designers to develop new food products and health interventions”, More information Gert-Jan van Staalduinen conference program Gert-Jan van Staalduinen, Director, Logiqs BV, The Netherlands, on “Greencube, Vertical farm of the future”, More information
Mehmet Cicek Mehmet Cicek, CEO, Fovation – Food & Innovation, Germany, on “More success by sustainability? How can life cycle assessments and the Dutch-German Food2020 programme support your company?”, More information ine pertry program Ine Pertry, Project Developer, Inagro, Belgium, on “Agrotopia – a living lab for high tech urban and greenhouse horticulture”, More information
15:30 16:00

Break and visit Expo
Laboratorium tour Centre for Healthy Eating and Food Innovation

Healthy Nutrition Session #3 Vertical Farming Session #3
16:00 17:15 vincent van buul program Vincent van Buul, Investment Analyst, Brightlands Agrifood Ventures, on “Nutrition Information Usage and Future Food”
Martin Veenstra Martin Veenstra, Sales Engineer, Certhon, on “Key success factors in designing Indoor Farms”, More information
Fred BergmansShirley Vollenberg Fred Bergmans, Co-founder & Entrepreneur, Carezzo Nutrition bv, on “Dutch Innovation: From Science to Solution. Avoiding malnutrition with protein enriched food & drink”, More informationShirley Vollenberg, Communication advisor – EU Projects, WATIFY – Brainport Development, on “WATIFY – Inspire, boost & connect” yangang xing program Yangang Xing, Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University, United Kingdom, on “Energy Efficient Vertical Farming”, More information
iris de hoogh program Iris de Hoogh, Scientist Innovator, TNO, The Netherlands, on “Personalized Nutrition & Health: from science to practice”, More information VK Kishore VK Kishore, Solanaceous Breeding Lead – Europe, Middle East and Africa & Science Fellow, Monsanto Company, on”The Role of Genetics in Driving Growth for the Vertical Farming Industry”, More information
17:15 18:30

Drinks and visit Expo

19:00 – 22:00 hours Networking dinner June 27 (registration is required)

Day 2, 28 June 2018

3d food printing conference program smart farming conference program
08:30 09:30

Welcome and Registration

3D Food Printing Session #1 Smart Farming Session #1
09:30 10:00 stephen homer program Stephen Homer, Materials Scientist, CSIRO, Australia, on “3D printing for personalised nutrition”, More information dennis van der wiel program Dennis van der Wiel, CEO, Polariks, The Netherlands, on “How space technology and robotics can help make better wine”, More information
10:00 10:30 martijn noort Martijn Noort, Scientist and Project Manager, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, on “Powderbased 3D food printing technologies”, More information michael utkin program Michael Utkin, co-Founder / CEO, eFarmer, on ‘professional tractor navigation and precision farming’
10:30 11:00

Coffee Break and visit Expo

3D Food Printing Session #2 Smart Farming Session #2
11:00 11:30 Mary Scerra Mary Scerra, Food Technologist, US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, USA, on “Exploration of 3D food printing and its application for tailored military rations”, More information Louis de Bruin Louis de Bruin, Blockchain Leader Europe, IBM Digital Operations, on “Blockchain: a powerful tool for creating trust in the food chain”, More information
11:30 12:00 Kjeld Van Bommel, Senior Consultant, TNO, The Netherlands, on “3D food printing @ TNO: latest developments”, More information jan vet program Jan Vet, CEO, Sensite Solutions, on “No Food To Waste”, More information
12:00 12:30 Eshchar Ben Shitrit conference program Eshchar Ben Shitrit, CEO & Co-Founder, Jet-Eat, Israel, on “The food Printing Manifesto”, More information; Read the interview Thijs Verploegen Thijs Verploegen, Productmanager Deepfield Connect, Robert Bosch Start-up GmbH, Germany, on “From Robotics to IoT Bosch’s activities in the Smart Agricultural field”, More information
12:30 14:00

Lunch Break and visit Expo
Attend Masterclass 3D Food Printing with byFlow & Jan Smink

(limited # of tickets available)

3D Food Printing Session #3 Smart Farming Session #3
14:00 14:30 Lu Zhang Lu Zhang, PhD Candidate, Wageningen University, on “3D printing of porous food structures contain Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1”, More information Arend Koekkoek Arend Koekkoek, Idea-x/ Campus Almkerk, on “Pixel Farming, farming in the digital era”, More information
14:30 15:00 Patricia Bulsing program Patricia Bulsing, Senior Lecturer, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Nutrition and Dietetics bachelor degree programme, on “The psychology around 3D food printing: acceptance and perception”, More information pieter hoenderken program Pieter Hoenderken, Het Internet Huis, on “IoT applications for farmers”, More information
15:00 15:30

Break and visit Expo

3D Food Printing Session #4 Smart Farming Session #4
15:30 16:00 Antien Zuidberg Antien Zuidberg, Lector, HAS Hogeschool, on “3D food printing @ HAS Hogeschool”, More information
geert hermans programn Geert Hermans, Innovation manager, topsector Agro & Food, ZLTO, The Netherlands
16:00 16:30 Valerie Vancauwenberghe Valerie Vancauwenberghe, PhD, Post-Doc, KU Leuven, MeBioS division, Belgium, on “Coaxial extrusion-based printing for designing foods having personalized properties”, More information eva van rijsingen program Eva van Rijsingen, Project Engineer, Blue Engineering BV, The Netherlands
16:00 16:30 lenny van erp program Lenny van Erp-van der Kooij,  Professor (UAS) Precision Livstock Farming, HAS University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands, on “Precision Livestock Farming”, More information
16:30 18:00

Drinks and visit Expo

Additional Day – June 29, 2018 – 3D Food Printing Experience at Wageningen University & Research


Brightlands Golden Partner. Living Lab on Healthy Food and Nutrition
At Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, the primary focus is on healthy nutrition. Innovators from business, science and education work together on innovations in healthy nutrition, plant breeding and growing, and alternative raw materials and food sources. The Campus is located in a region in which the agri-food business is one of the most productive, sustainable and profitable in the world; where food innovation is in the entrepreneurs’ DNA.The Campus is in an active state of development. In addition to all the R&D facilities in and around VillaFlora and the Innovatoren, various entrepreneurs have set up shop here, and Maastricht University has opened different laboratory facilities.
TNO Silver Partner. TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the competitive strength of industry and the well-being of society in a sustainable way.This is our mission and it is what drives us, the over 2,600 professionals at TNO, in our work every day.

We work in collaboration with partners and focus on transitions or changes in nine social themes:

  • Buildings, Infrastructure & Maritime : ‘Robust constructions, sustainable use’
  • The Circular Economy and the Environment: ‘Directing and accelerating sustainability’
  • Defence, Safety and Security: ‘We’re putting our knowledge and technology to work for safety and security’
  • Energy: ‘Faster towards a sustainable energy supply’
  • Healthy living: ‘Focussing on participation, not on the disease’
  • Industry: ‘Innovating for employment, welfare and well-being’
  • Information & Communication Technology: ‘Interpreting and accelerating digital transformation’
  • Strategic Analysis & Policy: ‘Turning complex issues into concrete innovations’
  • Traffic and Transport: ‘Helping to create liveable, sustainable cities’.
wur Silver Partner. The mission of Wageningen University & Research is ‘To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life’. We combine fundamental and applied knowledge in order to contribute to resolving important questions in the domain of healthy food and living environment.With approximately 6,500 members of staff and 10,000 students, Wageningen University & Research is a world leader in its domain.

An integral way of working, and cooperation between the exact sciences and the technological and social disciplines are key to its approach. www.wur.eu

AgriFoodTech Platform exhibitors Bronze Partner. Moore’s Law is well-known amongst everyone with the slightest bit of interest in technology and technological advancement. Technology will develop and progression will be made and it will be fast. But can society cope with this pace and do new technologies actually enter the market and get adopted to really become a disruptive innovation? When combining technology with food production, one enters a domain where different laws apply. Society, e.g. the general public, has a stronger opinion about agriculture, horticulture, food processing and the retail landscape than they have on football. Therefore, having an open dialogue on AgriFoodTech is important to increase awareness and public support for these advancements. The AgriFoodTech Platform has the goal to facilitate the dialogue between society, NGO’s, business, research, education and the government. Bringing these parties together improves mutual understanding for each point of view. It can help businesses to understand the needs of society, in such that shared value is created. As a very important bycatch, these cross-overs between sectors and different organisations sparks new ideas for innovation.
Bayer exhibitors Bronze Partner. Bayer is a Life Science company with a more than 150-year history and core competencies in the areas of health care and agriculture. With our innovative products, we are contributing to finding solutions to some of the major challenges of our time.Bayer Crop Science division has businesses in crop protection, seeds and nonagricultural applications. The aim is to be able to produce enough food, feed, fiber and renewable raw materials for a growing world population on the limited land available.
Certhon exhibitors Bronze Partner. Certhon is one of the leading Dutch horticulture solutions providers in the world, with over 120 years of experience and all disciplines in-house to support innovative projects. Perfectly integrated greenhouse, indoor farm, and systems realizing profitable horticulture projects with our ROI-key philosophy. That is the Certhon guarantee. For food. For flowers. For sure.
Hamamatsu Photonics exhibitors Bronze Partner Hamamatsu Photonics is a worldwide leading manufacturer of opto-electronic components and systems.
Among others we offer sensors and systems for spectroscopy (including ultra fast), scientific-grade cameras, beam monitoring solutions, photon counting detectors and systems, photomultipliers, photodiodes, IR detectors.
monsanto Bronze Partner Monsanto is a global modern agriculture company. We develop products and tools to help farmers around the world grow crops while using energy, water, and land more efficiently. We believe innovation has the potential to bring humanity’s needs in balance with the resources of our planet.
verstegen Bronze Partner Verstegen stands for creative and surprising innovations in the food industry. For sustai­­nability, quality and limitless service. Our customers play a key role in everything we do: they come first.
And it’s all based on the idea that there is only one kind of quality: the very best. After all, using the very best quality is the only way to create the most amazing flavours, the most delicious products and the most remarkable concepts. These high-quality standards start at the origin, where the finest ingredients are found.
Here, we work with local farmers to produce the purest herbs and spices. From there on, we manage every step of the way ourselves, from transport to our in-house grinding and safe food processing. We’ve been doing this as a family-owned business since 1886; today, the fourth generation is at the helm.
watify exhibitors Exhibition Partner. WATIFY is an awareness-raising campaign funded by the European Commission to support the EU efforts to stimulate the modernization of Europe’s industry by boosting European SMEs technological transformation, and supporting Europe’s regions to translate their smart specialization strategies in the areas of digitization and Key Enabling Technologies into concrete projects.
carezzo Exhibition Partner. Carezzo Nutrition develops protein enriched food & drinks for people with (a risk of) malnutrition in cure and care. Basic familiar food based on fruit, vegetables and grains, to substitute regular food. Carezzo is developed with Wageningen University and evidence based: You can eat 1,5 x more protein per day, without eating more.
byFlow Exhibition Partner. byFlow, founded in the Netherlands in 2014, is one of the leading companies in the growing global market of 3D Food Printing. They develop and sell 3D Food Printers, with the mission to change the way food is prepared and experienced, aiming to contribute to a more sustainable world.
vegger Start-Up Partner. The driving principle of Vegger is to change the way people acquire and appreciate their daily vegetables.Our customers use technologically advanced, easy-to-use, and safe systems for indoor vertical gardening.

They receive full support and services for frequent harvesting and maintenance. Vegger promotes an enduring and sustainable world to live in.

Own Greens Start-Up Partner. Founded in 2018 and based in the Netherlands, Own Greens developed an innovative and revolutionary way of growing crops.Whether you are familiar with cultivating plants or not, Own Greens makes it possible to grow your own crops anytime and anywhere you want; in the kitchen, in the living room, the office, a restaurant or even on a larger, industrial scale.

We offer the safest and easiest way to grow healthy greens.

It is stunning how much greens you can grow and for what price. Besides, you are saving water, minerals and pesticides and what about the transport of food?

By using the Own Greens method, you are not only contributing to your own body’s health with fresh and healthy greens, but you are also helping to create a better world.”

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