3D content, the next big thing for publishers!

With the advent of 3D printing the whole world is talking about 3d printers, and what one can print with that. Thingiverse, Youmagine and service providers like Shapeways, Ponoko, i.Materialise, Sculpteo, 3D Hubs etc. are the middle-man for most 3d printing publications, but the future needs 3d content publishers and/or editors. This will open the door for smaller 3D publishing companies, but the definition of “publisher” will also need revision. The rise of digital distribution of 3D models will force these 3D-publishers to increase focus on creating and distributing 3D content.

Individual 3D model creators, designers and even authors who design their own work in the digital marketplace are lost in a sea of anonymity; 3D publishers will be able to leverage their current vetting systems, connections, and reputation to launch new and existing 3D models / publiscations into visibility.

One could say that Shapeways, Ponoko, i.Materialise, Sculpteo etc. are taking over this role. Yes, they do, but their main goal is organize a huge database with 3D content in order to fill their production facilities. A 3D publisher however will focus on the 3D content, irrespective where the 3D model will be 3D printed.

This offers traditional publishers or organizations with a lot of content new opportunities. The only thing they have to do is to change their 2D thinking and 2D working processes into 3D!

This first global conference on 3D publishing will cover the above mentioned issues, and will start a discussion in the global media industry. The conference will take place in B-Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands on 27 March 2014.

Confirmed speakers and companies who will be present include: 3Dwergen, Adobe, Microsoft, Museotechniki, 3D Plaza, Secured3D, CR8 • CREATE, Bird & Bird, CGTrader, 3DHubs, Youmagine.

For further information about the 3D Publishing Conference, visit www.3dpublishingconference.com.

Stay up-to-date with our latest 3D Publishing Conference news via @3dprintingevent on Twitter and via http://www.3dpublishingconference.com/news/ .

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