How can you monetise 3D models? | 3D Printing Content Conference 2017

3D Printing Content Conference

How can you monetise 3D models? 3D Printing Content Conference

The 3rd edition of the 3D Printing Content Conference [] organised by Jakajima will take place on October 4, 2017, at B.Amsterdam, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The 3D Printing Content Conference is a half-day conference (13.00 to 18.00) about the creation of 3D Printing content – design and 3D modelling software, monetisation & distribution of 3D content, 3D printing content as part of merchandising (gaming industry), 3D printing & Industry 4.0.

3D printing makes it possible to revolutionise the manufacturing industry and during the conference case studies from existing companies and from startups will be presented.

The program features speakers from Shapeways, 3D Hubs, FabZat, MyMiniFactory, White Lioness technologies. “3D Printing for games & selfies”, “Implementing mass-customisation and industry 4.0” , “Estimating manufacturability for large scale 3D printing” are only a few of the presentation titles.

Quotes from presentations:

  • Stefan Rink, Vice President of Manufacturing, Shapeways, Interview: “3D printing makes it possible to revolutionise the manufacturing industry. In about 20 years you will not buy a new mobile phone, but you will have one 3D printed exactly to your personal requirements. You can personalise how they are made and by whom they are made, so you will have an unique product,” says Rink about the the future of manufacturing. The mobile phone is a product composed of many parts and different materials, something which can now be printed and produced at a low rate. But some ten years ago it was only possible to 3D print in one material, and the possibilities continue to grow. Also in ten years time, scale various developments took place as the dimensions of the products grew a billionfold, from one cubic mm to a cubic meter. But also the public can buy themselves desktop 3D printers, but they are very limited in possibilities.
  • Romain Kidd, CEO, MyMiniFactory, United Kingdom, on “Empowering Creators to Share Digital Objects with 3D Printer Owners Around the World”: As millions of consumers are embracing 3D printing at home, creators are embracing innovative business models to monetise their talent and content. Romain will present how MyMiniFactory allows designers to benefit from the openness of the free sharing of digital, while still generating revenue.
  • Adrian Muresan, R&D Lead, 3D Hubs, The Netherlands, on “Estimating manufacturability for large scale 3D printing”: Each 3D printing technology imposes its own constraints on 3D designs and even though these constraints are known, in practice a large part of designs that are uploaded on our platform do not meet these constraints, which can potentially result in a manufacturing failure. In this presentation we’ll take a look at how we managed to automatically estimate manufacturability for 40.000 parts each month and impact that this had on our business.


Price: € 145,- (VAT excluded) for regular attendees, € 85,- (VAT excluded) for students (limited no. of tickets)


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