A completely 3D printed smartphone, is that the future?

Eindhoven, January 12 – Initially 3D printing was used to make limited-functionality models and prototypes, before embarking upon the expensive business of fabricating tooling to produce a final product. In recent years however, there has been a move to adopt the technology as full-scale manufacturing solution and a wider user base which is now able to have access to desktop manufacturing platforms. The result: highly customized products and a grow in complexity (multi-material) and detail.

3D Printing Electronics Conference, 2nd edition,  20 January 2015. High Tech Campus Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

As always, designers and engineers are looking for more complex and high tech products. Combining functional elements such as electronics (sensors or switches) into a 3D printed product opens up new markets and new applications of products.

In the near future interactive devices could be 3D printed, rather than assembled; a world where a device with active components is created as a single object, rather than a case enclosing circuit boards and individually assembled parts.

However, these hybrid processes that integrate electronics into or within 3D printed parts bring many challenges. The second global 3D Printing Electronics Conference commences on all aspects of this new market. It offers the attendee a platform on the crossroads of Science, Design, Technology & Business in 3D printed electronics.

The program includes many breakout presentations by speakers of Universities, Research Institutes and established companies as well as innovative start-ups. Confirmed speakers and present companies are: PARC – Palo Alto Research Center (presenting: “Printing digital objects”), IDTechEx, LUXeXceL Group, Technische Universität München, Neotech AMT GmbH, Philips Research, Berenschot and CECIMO.


Anyone curious in where technology will lead us in the near future and wants to increase their knowledge and network in this field, is recommended to join the cutting edge program. The second edition of the 3D Printing Electronics Conference will take place on January 20th at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Seize this opportunity to create new partnerships, while discovering the open innovation R&D ecosystem at High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Who should attend? The 3D Printing Electronics Conference is of interest for decision makers in the industrial value chain from CTO and COO of OEMs to management of (high tech) suppliers and subcontractors, procurement management, design & engineering experts. In other words: for all professionals involved in developing electronic products; from product designer to engineer, from product manager to (consumer) electronics manufacturer and from software developer to internet of things system integrator.

For further information about the 3D Printing Electronics Conference, please visit http://www.3dprintingelectronicsconference.com/.

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