Pushing the boundaries of 3D printing: creating personalized, multi-material dental products

Lake3D B.V. is an innovative high-tech startup that specializes in voxel-based multi-material jetting. Unlike other additive manufacturing technologies voxel-based multi-material jetting makes it possible to combine materials and print high resolution 3D products. Lake3D will pave the way for new functional applications that are currently not possible with available material jetting and other additive manufacturing technologies.

January 2025, 12th edition, The Netherlands

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Multi-material jetting is an inkjet process in which each drop is placed in exactly the right place by a printhead, while each micro drop can consist of a different material or color. In this way, custom 3D products can be made with great precision and with the right mechanical properties, color shades and transparencies.

Lake3D develops a custom-made multi-material jetting platform that is fully flexible and can be tuned to the application. This means that, depending on the specific application, one can choose the optimal combination of materials, suitable printheads and tailored software.

In this way Lake3D is pushing the boundaries of what is possible to create, printing innovative multi-material solutions that make the difference in the medical and non-medical sector.

A duo presentation by Rachelle Groot, Metrology Engineer at Lake3D together with Ineke Wijnheijmer, Lake3D.

About Rachelle Groot
Using my background in Industrial Design as well as Applied Physics, I try to come up with creative solutions for challenges within the print platform development.

About Lake3D technologies
We are an innovative high-tech company that specializes in Voxel-based multimaterial jetting, an additive manufacturing technology that makes it possible to combine materials and print high-resolution 3D products. Visit the website for more information.

Rachelle Groot will speak at the 2023 edition of the 3D Medical Conference.

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