INKplant project- Hybrid multi-material fabrication of implants

The vision of INKplant H2020-funded project is the fusion/combination of different biomaterials, high resolution additive manufacturing technologies (lithographic ceramic manufacturing and 3D multi-material inkjet printing), and advanced simulation and biological evaluation, to bring a new solution for the design and fabrication of biomimetic scaffolds which can address the complexity of regenerating different tissues in the human body.

28 November 2023, 11th edition
Veldhoven, The Netherlands

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A presentation by Elena Guillén Rodríguez, Senior scientist at Profactor GmbH.

About Elena Guillén Rodríguez
Elena Guillén is a material scientist experienced in both industry and academia. She holds the position of senior scientist at the applied research company Profactor GmbH, where she is responsible for the Biomaterials Additive Manufacturing group. She is the coordinator of the European H2020 project INKplant.

About Profactor GmbH
Profactor GmbH is an Austrian research company which develops new methods for
integrated production technologies. The technological focus is on functional surfaces and nanostructures, additive manufacturing, robotics and machine vision. About 60 scientists of various disciplines conduct research to improve the competitiveness of the production industry and to strengthen the Austrian and European industry. PRO is conducting the whole range from basic research to applied research. By establishing strategic partnerships with industrial partners, PRO aims at closing the innovation gap between research results and market introduction.
For more information, visit the website.

Elena Guillén Rodríguez is speaker at the 2023 edition of the 3D Medical Conference.