Daily experience with 3D printing in a general hospital

The medical 3D lab at Medisch Spectrum has become a recognized and permanent part of the organisation. It was founded in 2018 and is organized from the department of Medical Technology & Clinical Physicists, serving over 10 departments. We work with a team of healthcare professionals, including Technical Physicians and Biomedical engineers.
This talk we will share our experience of setting up this 3D lab and showcase what we currently do to create higher quality of care, including 3D printing of patient specific guides and mold and Virtual Surgical Planning.

January 2025, 12th edition, The Netherlands

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Presented by Maaike Koenrades, Technical Physician at Medisch Spectrum Twente.

Adding value for patients at the point of care: contribute to improve healthcare by innovative medical technology for diagnostics and therapy is the drive of Maaike, whereby 3D printing and 3D virtual planning to personalise care for better patient outcome is according to her the emerging technology / trend.

About Maaike Koenrades
Maaike Koenrades has a degree in Technical Medicine and reveived her PhD cum laude on November 1st 2019 with her thesis “On evaluating stent–artery interaction in abdominal aortic stent grafting (University of Twente, The Netherlands). Her promotors were Professor R.H. Geelkerken (MST/UT) and Professor C.H. Slump (UT). Koenrades was awarded the 2020 Overijssel PhD Award for a doctoral thesis of outstanding academic quality. In November 2019 Koenrades began work at Medisch Spectrum Twente as a Technical Physician and project lead in 3D technology innovation, to strengthen and expand the 3D Medical Lab at MST, which was founded in September 2018. MST is one of the largest top-clinical training hospitals in the Netherlands with locations in Enschede, Oldenzaal and Haaksbergen. The team has expanded since with currently 7 Technical Physicians working at the 3D lab or combined with clinical department.

About Medisch Spectrum Twente
Medisch Spectrum Twente is a Dutch hospital with its headquarters in Enschede. The organisation is one of the largest non-academic hospitals in the Netherlands. The catchment area has approximately 264,000 inhabitants. There is an accreditation that provides for the operation of 1070 beds.

For more information visit the website (Dutch only).

Maaike Koenrades is speaker at the 2023 edition of the 3D Medical Conference.