Showing off at 3D Medical Printing Conferences and Exhibition in Maastricht (Video)

The series of 3D Printing conferences organized by Jakajima, that 3D Printing Business Directory and 3D Printing Media Network media partnered with this year, proved successful in attracting a very broad target of researchers, students, companies and enthusiasts form all over the world to explore the state of the art in medical, dental, pharmaceutical and biological 3D printing.

The show saw a number of exhibitors, including companies operating at different levels of the blooming 3D bioprinting hardware industry, such as EnvisionTEC, CELLINK and Rokit, each showing off their hardware systems. It was a great opportunity to see the EnvsionTEC 3D bioplotter professional level and CELLINK’s Inkredible low cost bioprinter at work (see videos below). Several metal 3D printer manufacturers, including 3D Systems Leuven (formerly Layerwise), Renishaw and SLM Solutions were also showing off theri solutions for dental and medical metallic implants.

The main attraction was certainly represented by the conferences themselves, which unfortunately were running on as many as three concurring parallel tracks, meaning it was necessary to make a selections of which to attend. The organization of the relatively low-key show was however highly professional as was the level of the presentations, which attracted a broad range of participants from both industry and academia.

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